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Cirqua Zerna

My first ever circus show in Montreal!!!!

I have been given the opportunity to perform in Cirqua Zerna, the annual show presented by La Caserne 18-30, the aerial studio I train at in Montreal.

I auditioned for the show back in February, and I’m very proud to be a part of this stellar group of artists.  There are so many fiercely talent people that I train with everyday, and it’s so cool to get to create with some of them, especially under the direction of Guillaume Biron.

I was cast as an aerialist in a silk quartette, which also includes a hammock contortionist (’cause that’s how we roll), and I will also be dancing and roaming the room as a character.  The show has a cast of 14, and the artists range from hoola hoopist, contortionist, jugglers, musicians and even an aerial chain act.

This will also be the first time ever I perform in a circus tent!!! For those of you reading this living in Montreal, the tent is situated @ 4375 Ontario Est , behind the Marché Maisonneuve.

This is a really exciting opportunity to share all my hard work for the past ten months to a public audience which includes my friends, my teachers, and also, hopefully, other circus directors, and scouts who might be interested in working with me (*wink* *wink*).

You can check out more information, like how to buy tickets, here: http://www.caserne1830.ca/cirqua-zerna.html


Come check it out if you can!


Zerna Poster


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