It’s time for a change

February is one of my favorite months!  The days are starting to get longer, it’s a short month so it feels easily accomplished and let’s face it I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day with all of you I’m posting my new favorite chocolate waffle recipe.  It’s gluten and dairy free, and a great treat after your morning run (feel free to add a little extra protein on the side).


Go to recipe page.

With no entry since October you must be wondering what I’ve been up to.  Well, I’ve been busy to say the least.  Scroll down to find out more about this circus monsters journey!

Training with Dynamo

Since September I have had the great privilege of training with the renowned physical theatre company for young audiences Dynamo Théâtre. We meet 3 times a week to develop our acrobatic and hand to hand skills.


When I began working with Dynamo my front handsprings were inconsistent, I couldn’t hold a handstand for longer than 30 sec and I had never partnered with another person.

Now I’m proud to say that I have a clean, consistent front handspring, I’ve done front flips off people shoulders and I’ve even been the base in a 2-high column.

Not only has my training with Dynamo Théâtre strengthened my acrobatic skills, it’s also introduced me to a whole new community of theatre artists in Montreal.  As a bilingual Anglophone entering a Francophone environment I have become more confident communicating in French, which in turn has opened the door to new friendships and hopefully future collaborations.

Not one… but TWO cabarets!

I performed in the “Naughty Parent Cabaret” produced by Krin Haglund from November 30- December 1st 2016.


Sticking with the theme of “a night of grown-up only fun”, and poking fun at parenthood, (something I know very little about) I decided to go out of my comfort zone a bit.  I created two new pieces for this cabaret.  One was a song (melody borrowed from 4 Non Blonds, “What’s going on”) that I sang while playing the ukulele and the other was a physical comedy piece where I sported a huge baby bump, and struggled to do every day things like tying my shoes.

Naughty Parents Cabaret – Leda Davis from Le Radiant – Krin Haglund on Vimeo.

In January, my husband, and co-collaborator, Jed Tomlinson and I performed a 5-min love story using only legs at the OFFSIDE Wildside Theatre Festival at Centaur.  It was a blast and we look forward to performing together again in the future.


Grants/ Funding

A big part of being a freelance artist and creating your own work means asking for money.  Since January I have been working on grants to support my project “Persephone Bound”.

Spring 2017 I will be returning to the TOHU for a second creation residency with my team of collaborators.

In the meantime I’m working with an amazing team of dramaturgs at Playwright Workshop Montreal to complete the script for this multi-disciplinary production.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can help support this project!


Health and Well-being

As always, winter can be a tempting time to over indulge in sugary treats, or over eat while exercising less because it’s so darn cold outside.

That’s why for the month of February I’m going back to the basics. For me that means recording what I eat.  It’s hard to know where I need to make changes to my diet if I don’t have an idea of where I’m slipping in the first place.  Knowledge is power.  That’s why I’m kicking off my health goals this month with the simple task of recording what and when I eat.

You can see an example of the type of food log I like to keep HERE

What do you do to stay on track of your health and wellness goals?  Share in the comment section below.

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